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EIMA Bookstore

Welcome to the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) Bookstore. As an accredited ANSI standards organization, EIMA helps develop industry standards in an advisory capacity and educational programs that enable members to address important issues facing the EIFS and construction industries. EIMA's Technical and Research Committee deals with a broad range of technical issues and represents the EIFS industry in negotiations with national building codes and standards agencies, as well as government regulators. In addition, the committee plans and implements research and testing programs, develops industry guideline specifications for EIFS, and presents at technical symposiums. The EIMA Bookstore is an extension of these programs and initiatives, and provides the opportunity to purchase documents and guides that will further your knowledge and expertise of the exterior wall cladding system.

1) Guide to EIFS with Drainage Detailing

The Guide to EIFS with Drainage Detailing replaces the previous Guide to EIFS Construction. The document highlights the basic components of an EIFS with Drainage system, as well as common detailing questions you might receive.

Inside you’ll find 26 pages of images depicting EIFS details. Included are the typical EIFS configuration, aesthetic reveals, graphic detailing, termination at different locations, sealants, and joints. All of this information is pivotal in making sure your next job meets expectations.

The Guide to EIFS with Drainage Detailing was designed and reviewed by R.J. Kenney Associates, Inc. and Trusted Translations, additional assistance was provided by the EIMA Technical and Research Steering Committee and EIMA staff.

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Once the purchase of this publication is complete, you will receive a unique download link to the personalized publication in PDF format with your receipt. Additionally, an email will be sent to you with this link after you check out. By purchasing this document you agree to use this document for personal use only. Unlicensed photocopying violates U.S. copyright laws and is subject to legal prosecution.

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2) Guía para EIFS con drenaje detallado

La Guía para EIFS con Drenaje Detallado sustituye a la anterior Guía de Construcción de EIFS. El documento destaca los componentes básicos de un EIFS con el sistema de drenaje, así como las preguntas comunes de detalle que podría recibir.

En su interior encontrará 26 páginas de imágenes que representan los detalles de EIFS. Se incluyen la configuración EIFS típica, revelaciones estéticas, detalles gráficos, terminación en diferentes ubicaciones, selladores y juntas. Toda esta información es fundamental para asegurar que su próximo trabajo cumpla con las expectativas.

La Guía para EIFS con Drenaje Detallado fue diseñada y revisada por R.J. Kenney Associates, Inc. y Trusted Translations, el Comité de Dirección Técnica y de Investigación de EIMA y el personal de EIMA proporcionaron asistencia adicional.

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Una vez completada la compra de esta publicación, recibirá un enlace de descarga exclusivo para la publicación personalizada en formato PDF con su recibo. Además, un correo electrónico se le enviará con este enlace después de que usted echa un vistazo. Al comprar este documento acepta usar este documento para uso personal solamente. La fotocopia sin licencia viola las leyes de derechos de autor de los Estados Unidos y está sujeta a procesamiento legal.

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3) ANSI/EIMA 99-A-2017: Standard for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and EIFS with Drainage

ANSI/EIMA 99A – 2017 embodies the minimum requirements for specifying and installing Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and EIFS with Drainage. The generic materials, details, and design considerations for EIFS and EIFS with Drainage are described in this standard. For specifications, application instructions, and details specific to a particular EIF System, consult the EIFS manufacturer’s product literature. In addition, care has been taken to incorporate the reference documents that constitute provisions of this American National Standard. The Annex contained in this standard is considered part of the standard.

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4) ANSI/EIMA 99-A-2017: Estándar para Sistemas de Aislamiento y Acabado Exterior (EIFS) y EIFS con Drenaje

ANSI/EIMA 99A – 2017 incorpora los requisitos mínimos para especificar e instalar los sistemas exteriores de aislamiento y acabado (EIFS) y EIFS con drenaje. Los materiales genéricos, detalles, y consideraciones de diseño para EIFS y EIFS con drenaje se describen en este estándar. Para obtener especificaciones, instrucciones de aplicación y detalles específicos de un sistema particular del FEI, consulte la literatura del producto del fabricante del EIFS. Además, se ha tomado la atención de incorporar los documentos de referencia que constituyen la disposición.

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5) Impact Resistant EIFS: Tough and Tested

EIFS are sustainable, durable, and resilient. Highly impact resistant EIFS are easily achievable using industry standard application practices and products that are very effective and economical. The keys to high impact resistant EIFS are the same as for any quality construction: good design, firm and definitive specifications, use of the proper products, and proper construction.

Impact Resistant EIFS: Tough and Tested is a document that provides information and guidance to designers and specifiers regarding how to achieve impact resistant performance that is in line with project and owner expectations.

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