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2020 EIFS Hero Awards


Hero Awards

The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) held its "EIFS Hero Project Awards" ceremony virtually on May 19, 2021. EIMA would like to extend hearty congratulations to this year's EIFS Hero Project Award recipients. The EIMA Board of Directors extends a special thank you to all EIMA members that submitted projects for this worthwhile awards program that recognizes and honors outstanding projects in the EIFS industry.

Photos and project details of the award-winners are shown below. Additional information available on the 2020 Hero Awards:

2020 Hero of the Year Award

Long Beach Memorial
Pediatric Medical Office Building

Long Beach, CA
Category: Healthcare
Manufacturer: Sto Corp.
Contractor: Nevell Group, Inc.
Distributor: FBM
Owner/Developer: Long Beach Medical Center
General Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: C-A Architects

The design team’s flexibility and curiosity about prefabrication made this project a great opportunity for EIFS. Panelizing the exterior cut the project skin schedule by 3 months and resulted in a 19-day dry in rather than the expected 120-day duration. Seven unique bright colors were used on the façade, which is very eye-catching. The juxtaposition of the shapes combined with the contrasting colors make this project a testament to the strength of EIFS.

2020 Hero Awards

Polaris Fieldhouse

Columbus, OH
Category: Retail
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Contractor: Reitter Stucco and Supply
Distributor: Interior Supply, Inc.
Owner/Developer: Washington Prime Group
General Contractor: Corna Kokosing
Architect: Nelson Architecture

The owner of this project was looking for an exterior cladding that offered energy efficiency and timely installation. And of course, EIFS was the solution. The clean, sleek texture of the design combined with the incorporation of steel as an element make this project a standout. Its tripartite composition (a method of visually organizing the façade of a building by dividing it into three sections: the base, the shaft, and the capital), enhance this project’s visual appeal.


Skokie, IL Category: Other
Manufacturer: Sto Corp
Contractor: G&J Services
Distributor: L&W Elk Grove, IL
Owner/Developer: Curaleaf
General Contractor: Pacific Construction
Architect: Camburas & Theodore, Ltd.

This project was originally built in 1956, and after several additions, needed an updated, more contemporary look. The fluid lines in the design give the illusion of motion, with flowing waves that converge at a center point, framing a two-story wall of windows. The use of EIFS as the cladding material, along with sophisticated computer-modeling tools, made execution of the design’s organic shapes possible. This project really showcases the endless design possibilities of EIFS.

2020 Awards of Merit

Grand Bohemian Hotel Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

Category: Hospitality
Manufacturer: PAREX USA
Contractor: Southern Wall Systems
Distributor: Carolina Specialties, Inc.
Owner/Developer: Kessler Collection
General Contractor: JE Dunn
Architect: Gensler & Associates

This project is a 254-room luxury hotel and is part of Marriott's Autograph Collection. The design team chose EIFS to achieve higher energy efficiency and improved durability. The building’s architecture showcases an Argentinian with very impressive detailing.

Oceans Enclave by Hilton

Myrtle Beach, SC
Category: Hospitality
Manufacturer: Master Builders Solutions
Contractor: Commercial Systems Plus, Inc.
Distributor: EMJ/Circle Supply of North Carolina
Owner/Developer: Hilton
General Contractor: Landmark Builders of South Carolina
Architect: Garvin Design Group

Designers immediately recognized that EIFS was the obvious solution to several of this project’s challenges. First, it needed to meet Hilton’s aesthetic criteria and achieve its high standard of excellence. Second, EIFS met the stringent codes and standards requirements of the state of South Carolina for continuous insulation with an integral air barrier. And lastly, the design flexibility of EIFS allowed the design team to incorporate a three-dimensional, architectural feature that reflected the project’s coastal beachfront setting.

Tru by Hilton

Manchester, NH
Category: Hospitality
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Contractor: Creative Walls
Distributor: Merrimack Building Supply, Inc.
Owner/Developer: Lafrance Hospitality
General Contractor: Harvey Construction
Architect: Built Form, LLC

This 5-story hotel is a great example of a victory for the EIFS industry. Overcoming an earlier EIFS ban in the city, the project team offered EIFS as a cost-effective and lightweight solution to more expensive cladding alternatives. The design flexibility of EIFS offered a combination of different finishes for a modern-looking building…perfect for the hospitality industry.

Hub 2 on Campus

Gainesville, FL
Category: Mixed-use
Manufacturer: Master Wall, Inc.
Contractor: Wilmot Construction
Distributor: Creative Wall Products
Owner/Developer: Core Spaces
General Contractor: Arco National
Architect: Antunovich Associates

This mixed-use student housing facility includes ground floor retail. The exterior boasts over 100,000 square feet of EIFS, featuring multiple finishes including wood, GFRC, metal, and traditional EIFS finishes. Incredible craftsmanship resulted in a stunning finished exterior which will serve as the standard for the developer's projects moving forward. A complicated exterior skin was made simple with EIFS.

Peace Raleigh Apartments

Raleigh, NC
Category: Mixed-use
Manufacturer: Sto Corp.
Contractor: Premier Stucco (NC)
Distributor: Guaranteed Supply
General Contractor: Clancy & Theys
Architect: Cline Design Associates

This project, with multiple types of claddings that blend well with the surrounding area, is an excellent example of using EIFS alongside metal panel and brick to obtain a modern, eclectic look.

Outwest Drywall Supply

Eagle, CO
Category: Other
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
• Stucco Works (Field Applied)
Lutz Company (Panel Fabricator)
• Superior Drywall (Panel Installer)
Distributor: Outwest Drywall Supply
Owner/Developer: Outwest Drywall Supply
General Contractor: Outwest Drywall Supply
Architect: Victor Mark Donaldson Architecture

This project is distribution center for construction materials in a quaint Colorado town. Because of the area’s cold winters and hot summers, energy efficiency was an important feature for the project’s cladding. The use of non-traditional EIFS finishes achieved the design goal of nicely matching the character and look of the town.

District 850
Tallahassee, FL

Category: Other
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Contractor: Fleck Exterior Systems, Inc.
Distributor: L&W Supply
Owner/Developer: Nil Patel
General Contractor: Mad Dog Construction, Inc.
Architect: Dynamic Designs

District 850 is a 40,000 square foot amusement center. Initial plans called for the use of several different exterior claddings, but the diversity of EIFS finishes allowed the owner and architect to achieve their vision by using EIFS on the entire project. The project is nicely designed and composed, has a clean, modern look, and displays an excellent use of contrast and color.

11 Crown Street
Meriden, CT

Category: Residential
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Contractor: Ronnie Demeo Construction, Inc.
Distributor: Merrimack Building Supply
Owner/Developer: City of Meriden
General Contractor: Haynes Construction
Architect: Kenneth Bordson Architects

This passive housing project is located in the historic downtown section of Meriden, Connecticut. Two different EIFS finishes were used, one mimicking brick, and the other limestone. The project is handsome and well-detailed, and its design fits well with the historic nature of the town.

Houston House
New York, NY

Category: Residential
Manufacturer: Sto Corp
Contractor: Imperiex Construction, Inc.
Distributor: Sto Eastern
Owner/Developer: Matthew Lee
Architect: Jeff Cole Architects

This 8-story building is in New York City's trendy East Village neighborhood. The project team addressed both the practical and aesthetic issues it faced because of its location. With the use of EIFS as an exterior cladding, the project has a design that is stylish enough for its East Village residents, while at the same time addressing the traffic noise, cold winters and brutal summers of New York City.

Queens, NY

Category: Residential
Manufacturer: Sto Corp
Contractor: Elite Wall Systems
Distributor: Sto of N.J. Inc.
Owner/Developer Realty: Operations Group
General Contractor: AWR Group Inc.
Architect: Chris Benedict

This renovation project is a complete exterior re-clad of a 7-story apartment building in Queens, New York. By covering the entire brick exterior with EIFS, the owner found a solution to the recurring maintenance issue of masonry repair. The project has a fresh look, and uses different sizes of EPS board to add depth and dimension to the once flat façade. This project really showcases the versatility of EIFS!

Zannis Residence
New Bern, NC

Category: Residential
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Contractor: Superior Plastering & Stucco
Distributor: Colonial Materials, Inc.
Owner/Developer: Dr. Zannis
Design Build Firm: Tab Premium Built Homes, Inc.

This single family home boasts a well-detailed design with traditional architectural shapes and trim features. The color and texture of the EIFS finish perfectly complements the stone work.

Honorable Mention

Gentry Buckhead Village
Atlanta, GA

Category: High-rise
Manufacturer: Sto Corp
Contractor: Johnson & Sons Plastering
Distributor: Capitol Materials Atlanta
Owner/Developer: LMC
General Contractor: Hoar Construction
Architect: Preston Partnership

Caesars Forum
Las Vegas, NV

Category: Hospitality
Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems, Inc.
Contractor: Anning Johnson LV
Distributor: L&W Supply
Owner/Developer: Caesars Entertainment
General Contractor: Penta Building Group
Architect: Fried Mutter Group

Herpetarium Addition at Zoo Knoxville
Knoxville, TN

Category: Institutional
Manufacturer: Master Wall, Inc.
Contractor: V & V Construction, LLC
Distributor: Creative Wall Products, Inc.
Owner/Developer: Zoo Knoxville
General Contractor: Denark Construction
Architect: CLR Design - Daniel Miller

Harlow on Main
Columbus, OH

Category: Residential
Manufacturer: Master Wall, Inc.
Contractor: TDR Interiors Co.
Distributor: Stucco Master Supply
Owner/Developer: Homestead America
General Contractor: Celmark Construction Co.
Architect: Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design

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