Manufacturing Member

  • Sto Corp.
  • Master Wall, Inc.
  • Parex USA, Inc.
  • Dryvit Systems, Inc.
  • BASF Corporation – Wall Systems

Associate Member

  • Clark Dietrich Building Systems
  • Wacker Chemical Corporation
  • National Gypsum Company
  • Atlas EPS
  • Rodenhouse Inc.
  • Poseidon Advanced Materials
  • Plastic Components, Inc.
  • Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
  • ADFORS Saint-Gobain
  • Drew Foam Companies, Inc.
  • Dow Construction Chemicals
  • Wind-lock Corporation


Your membership is important to helping us in improving the advancement of EIFS in the building industry. As a member, you can take advantage of services that include keeping current on up-to-date information, critical research, and industry advancements that impact EIFS and are important to the shared interests of all members.

The Value of Your Membership

Individual Members enjoy benefits such as:

  • Networking Opportunities: partner and affiliate with other firms having a stake in the health of the EIFS industry.
  • Advocacy and Legislative Leadership: educate the construction industry and governmental leaders on the value and benefits of EIFS; advocate and encourage equal opportunity for EIFS.
  • Information: access to current EIFS industry information through "EIFS Briefs", a bi-monthly electronically delivered newsletter, and EIMA's website.
  • Committee Involvement: contribute to the industry's advancement through active participation in a wide range of committee activities.
  • Training Programs: access to cutting edge techniques, tools and procedures for effective and efficient EIFS application through the AWCI "EIFS Doing It Right" Program.
  • Supporting EIFS Research: funding research on the performance of EIFS.
  • Codes and Standards: representation of the EIFS industry at code development hearings and meetings of standard developing organizations.
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