Manufacturing Member

  • BASF Corporation – Wall Systems
  • Parex USA, Inc.
  • Master Wall, Inc.
  • Dryvit Systems, Inc.
  • Sto Corp.

Associate Member

  • Poseidon Advanced Materials
  • Rodenhouse Inc.
  • Plastic Components, Inc.
  • Clark Dietrich Building Systems
  • Drew Foam Companies, Inc.
  • Dow Construction Chemicals
  • Wind-lock Corporation
  • Atlas EPS
  • National Gypsum Company
  • ADFORS Saint-Gobain
  • Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
  • Wacker Chemical Corporation
About EIFS
About EIFS

What are EIFS and what you need to know about exterior wall cladding system.

EIFS Insurance
EIFS Insurance

Learn everything there is to know about obtaining EIFS insurance.

EIFS vs Stucco
EIFS vs Stucco

If EIFS and Stucco aren't the same, then what's the difference?